Qasmyr is based in the capital city of Srinagar (Kashmir).

Kashmir is a valley in the majestic Himalayan Mountains with a rich and ancient heritage of craftsmanship. It is a land of unique motifs and designing techniques that have been transformed and perfected over centuries. Mastering Kashmiri craftsmanship takes years of training and designing scarves and shawls is an art that has been carried forward through the generations.

Based on these ancient techniques, each shawl and scarf is hand-woven from the raw material of our signature Changpa cashmere - yarn derived from the goats of the Changpa herdsmen, a rare animal living above 4,000 meters altitude, only found in Kashmir. Limited in quantity, and exceptional in quality, Changpa cashmere has been prized for centuries by Indian maharajas and European royalty for its exceptional lushness.

Our craftspeople are uniquely trained in the ancient tradition of Kashmiri craftsmanship, and our products are created with centuries old techniques of shawl making. From detailed hand made embroideries to colorful fusions, each Qasmyr shawl is characterized by its stunning detail and exceptional softness.
We invite you to experience the incredible quality of Qasmyr - cashmere from Kashmir.

OUR PEOPLE   Preserving the traditions and jobs for the craftspeople of Kashmir.

At Qasmyr, one of our underlying missions is to preserve the ancient art of Kashmiri handicrafts. Every piece is woven by hand, and embroidered locally, in many cases requiring tens of hours of work. We are determined to preserve as many jobs and traditions of our beautiful local community as possible.

With that in mind, please remember that every Qasmyr creation that you wear and enjoy was created by the hands the local men and women.